<b>Galilee Medical Center</b> — Located on the frontline of care in the Western Galilee <b>Critical Care for a Critical Region</b> — Located just seven miles from the border with Lebanon, the hospital is often in the direct line of fire. <b>The Best of Care, for Everyone</b> — GMC has treated patients wounded in the recent Syrian Civil War. <b>Baby Boom</b> — At GMC, we help usher in new lives every day. <b>Community Support</b> — The hospital serves a diverse area, providing help and support to Jews, Muslims, Bedouin, Druze and Christians

Serving the People of Galilee Medical Center

Our Mission

The mission of American Friends of Galilee Medical Center is to promote and support the Hospital by broadening its capability to provide the highest quality of medical care and other services to over 600,000 people — Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze living along Israel’s northern border.

Toward this end, American Friends of Galilee Medical Center will engage individuals and organizations through fundraising, advocacy and volunteer opportunities.

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    NICU Reunion — a heartwarming way to celebrate our former patients!

    Galilee Medical Center stands at the forefront of medicine, while providing the most professional and humane care […]


Help Support the GMC

Help the GMC provide the highest quality of medical care to Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bedouins and Druze.

For more information, contact North American Representative Avrum D. Lapin at alapin@afgmc.org or 215.885.1550.