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New Zero Separation Policy for Newborns

Galilee Medical Center is constantly improving hospital surroundings and conditions for women in labor.  Along with new delivery rooms and a spacious department featuring private or double rooms, we emphasize and encourage the women to breastfeed and tend to their newborn, keeping them close by to them, in the same room.


Happy New Year from American Friends of Galilee Medical Center!

Rosh Hashanah 2018/Tishrei 5779

Dear Friends:

As we prepare for the Jewish New Year, please join us in celebrating life, and all of the people that are affected by the inspirational care of the warm and dedicated staff at Galilee Medical Center. (more…)


Galilee Medical Center is thrilled to share the following video clip of Amir Yarchi , CEO Friends Of Galilee Medical Center,speaking to ILTV about hospital’s all new Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Heart Center. The Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Heart Center is entirely protected and the first of its kind in Israel. We are proud of this accomplishment and the recognition it has brought to the hospital. This is a huge advancement for GMC and we are grateful to the Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Family Foundation and other generous supporters for making it possible. 

Check out Amir’s video, here:

Galilee Medical Center Doctors top list of Forbes Israel 2018 “Best Doctors in Israel”:

By Sharon Mann

We’re proud and excited that five Galilee Medical Center physicians are included in Forbes Israel 2018 distinguished list of “Best Doctors in Israel”. Dr. Eyal Sela, Director of ENT, Head of Neck Surgery; Dr. Eli Kakiashvili, Director of General Surgery Department A; Prof. Samer Srouji, Director of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department; Dr. Irith Weissman, Director of the Pediatric Nephrology Department and Prof. Menachem Neumann, the Head of the Oro-Gynecological Service in the Women’s Health Wing.

  • Dr. Eyal Sela is Director of Galilee Medical Center’s Ear Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgery Department. Dr. Sela has accumulated extensive experience in his field in Israel and around the world, among others, when he worked in the Department of ENT and Head Neck Surgery, and a center for reconstruction at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
  • Dr. Eli Kakiashvili is the Director of Galilee Medical Center’s Department of General Surgery A. He is a leading expert in Israel and Europe in the field of general surgery, oncology, liver and biliary surgery, and conventional surgery (open) and robotic and laparoscopy surgery.
  • Prof. Samer Srouji, Director of Galilee Medical Center’s Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department, received a Ph.D. in the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine in the field of tissue engineering. Prior to his arrival at Galilee Medical Center, he served as Director of the Bone Research Laboratory at the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine and he was a Senior Physician at Carmel Medical Center. Prof. Srouji completed an advanced course in endoscopic surgery in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Baptist Medical Center in Miami, Florida.
  • Dr. Irith Weissman heads the Pediatric Nephrology Unit, which serves all the residents of the Galilee and is considered a leader and experienced in this field.
  • Prof. Menachem Neumann, the Head of the Oro-Gynecological Service in the Women’s Health Wing, has many years of experience in his field and is an integral member of women’s health services at the Medical Center.

CEO Dr. Masad Barhoum: “I congratulate the physicians who are included in Forbes 2018 distinguished list of “Best Doctors in Israel”. They are part of a group of senior and professional managers and physicians who head the departments and units at Galilee Medical Center. The opening of new departments and units, the introduction of advanced technology and the integration of students from the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee in the Medical Center departments, places us at the forefront of medicine not only in the Galilee, but in the State of Israel as a whole. I am certain that alongside medical activities, we will continue to lead academic and research for the community we serve.”


Meniscal Transplant

Doctors performing Meniscal Transplant on Dorian Dahan

For the first time ever, Galilee Medical Center performed a Meniscal Transplant surgery on an 18 year old.

Dorian Dahan from Moshav Tzuriel was the first at GMC, and only the third person in Israel, who has undergone this complex surgery. The surgery was performed by the Senior Physician in the Department of Orthopedics “A”, Dr. Einal Bathish, is a specialist in knee surgery and sports medicine. He shared: “The surgery took 90 minutes less than was expected and we started physiotherapy treatments immediately after Dorian had a chance for some rest and recovery. I believe that he will be able to return to weight-bearing on his leg within a number of weeks and have a better quality of life due to the surgery. It is important to note that there is complex preparation in order to perform this type of surgery. Galilee Medical Center, headed by Dr. Masad Barhoum, went forward in line with its policy to promote advanced and leading services at a national level, which have developed in the last number of years at the Medical Center”.

The surgery took approximately two hours, and multiple senior surgeons participated to ensure the best possible care from Dorian.

Dorian’s mother, Simona Dahan shared her appreciation for his medical team: “We thank the team, headed by Dr. Bathish, who successfully performed the surgery, with all our heart. We have been in follow-up care at Galilee Medical Center for two years already and we feel at home here; the surgery was the most important moment. We thank Dr. Masad Barhoum, Director of the Medical Center, who took it upon himself to aid in all that was needed for this surgery. It is great to know that we have a hospital nearby that is able to offer patients advanced surgeries which are rarely performed at other hospitals. Also, by Dorian’s undergoing surgery close to our home, we were spared the runaround at distant hospitals, additional bureaucracy and coping with staff that didn’t know us. The entire staff in Orthopedics “A” treated us in the most dedicated, professional and compassionate manner.”

We hope Dorian has a smooth and easy recovery!

Read more about the complex surgery and Dorian’s story here.



Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds Day in Israel took place on March 13th. Galilee Medical Center was thrilled to welcome visitors of all ages to the hospital! Guests came from many different organizations and communities, and they brightened up the day for our patients with small acts of kindness, gifts and just a friendly smile!

Third graders from Abadl Alaziz Amun Elementary School in Deir al-Assad were among our Good Deeds Day visitors. They held their own fundraiser leading up to the day and raised $1,400 for the Pediatric Department from their Tag Sale! In addition to their support of our patients, the students even showed apprication to the GMC staff and brought bouquets of flowers for them.

A GMC Pediatrician, Dr. Hussein Dabbah, who is also from Deir al-Assad, and Head Nurse, Albina Gelfand, were able to greet the children and thank them in person from their contribution and support.

It was a wonderful and heartwarming day for all!

GMC Celebrates the Opening of the Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Heart Center

Gaillee Medical Center is excited to celebrate the opening of the new Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Heart Center and Unit for Brain Angiography. (more…)

Celebrating the Opening of the new Maxillofacial Center

Galilee Medical Center is excited to announce the new Center for Maxillofacial Surgery, Mouth, Jaw and Dental Medicine. Under the Leadership of Professor Samer Srouji, the new center is multidisciplinary and offers new advanced services, some of which have been unavailable until now for residents in the northern region of Israel. (more…)

Dr. Sela Speaks at West Point

In late January, Dr. Eyal Sela, Head of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at GMC, and Amir Yarchi, CEO of the Friends of Galilee Medical Center, were in the United States for a national tour. They visited Los Angeles, Dallas and New York to meet with individuals and organizations to create new partnerships, both philanthropic and academic.


Celebrating the Diversity of GMC’s Staff

Sharon Mann wrote for about Galilee Medical Center’s Photo Exhibit, “Healers”, by Tom Casalini: