Wounded Syrians Surprised by Compassion

Syrians who are seriously wounded and ferried across the border for treatment at Israeli hospitals, including the WGH, are surprised at the level of warmth and compassion shown to them by the hospital staff members. This article in the heraldonline.com tells a few of those stories.

Dr. Barhoum, Director of the Hospital, and Amir Yarchi, CEO of the Israeli Friends of the WGH, will be in the U.S. from October 16-27, travelling to Louisville, Indianapolis, South Bend and Dallas, Texas to meet with interested individuals and explain what this national center of excellence is doing in the northern region of Israel.  The hospital has 62 departments and specialty units, with 650 beds above ground and another 450 beds underground , featuring 8 modern and fully protected operating rooms.  Its ethnic and culturally diverse staff of over 2,000 serves and equally diverse population of 600,000 Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and large immigrant communities from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.