A Delicate Balance

An article recently posted online by Sky News brings up some issues that haven’t previously been touched on. About 10 Israeli Arabs have left Israel to help fight with the rebel groups in the current Syrian civil war, coming to the aid of their Muslim brethren, despite the fact that Israel and Syria are still officially at war. It is sometimes difficult for their family members to understand why they would choose to help out a people that still thinks of them as the enemy, and often, these Israeli Arabs are killed in the fighting.

Israel is in a precarious position in that intervention into the bloody civil war can upset the delicate balance of their relationship with Lebanon in the north, which has 40,000 rockets poised and ready to launch, aimed at Israel.

Also at issue is the return of wounded Syrians to their country. All have been returned after recovery, though most stay longer than typical patients, because of the lack of post-operative care in Syria. At least one patient currently in treatment at WGH has declared that he wishes to remain in Israel. Read on for more.