American Friends Board Comes Together

This past December the Board of American Friends Galilee Medical Center came together for a lively discussion.

Zoe Riekes, Board President

Hailing from diverse parts including Dallas, Indianapolis, Omaha, San Antonio, and (by phone) Israel.   “We have wonderful leaders on our Board who bring expertise from diverse professional fields.  Most importantly, they share a passion for the Galilee Medical Center’s work to save lives near Israel’s northern border – it’s a driving force.” explained Zoe Riekes, Board President.  Dr. Masad Barhoum, Director General of Galilee Medical Center joined by video conference and shared with the Board about the exciting advancements taking place at the Hospital and the strategic direction for the future.  Issues discussed during the meeting included a resolution to change the organization’s name to American Friends of Galilee Medical Center, to reflect the Hospital’s new name.  The Board also discussed strategies to accelerate the growth of the Hospital’s circle of friends in the US and to build the capacity to raise more significant funds to support the Hospital’s critical departments.