Birthing Bed

birthing_bedThe Need
With some 6,000 annual births, Western Galilee Hospital has the busiest delivery room in the north of Israel. Significant population growth in the Western Galilee has naturally increased the number of women giving birth whose needs the hospital must meet. Birthing beds are designed for the special needs of women in labor, as well as to enable midwives and nurses to better assist in the delivery room.

The Solution
There is an urgent need for new birthing beds in Western Galilee Hospital’s Maternity Ward. The modern birthing bed has numerous ergonomic features, ranging from inflatable lumbar support to movable calf support and automatic pelvic tilt that provide safety and comfort for the woman in labor and easier control for the staff functioning in a busy environment.


  • Each birthing bed (Hill-Rom Affinity Birthing Bed) – $19,247