Earthquake Relief in Turkey

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Israel has a long-standing tradition of going beyond its borders to provide aid to other countries, notably in the face of natural disasters.​​​​​​​ This is true for both allies and countries where Israel does not currently have diplomatic relations.  Israel has gained a reputation as a leader in disaster relief, saving lives and promoting Israel’s good name in both the diplomatic and public arenas.  The Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) website notes 31 humanitarian missions that Israel has partaken in—including the devastating February 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

The Galilee Medical Center is proud to be part of these efforts!  Dr. Tsvi Sheleg, deputy director of Galilee Medical Center, travelled to Turkey on February 8th as part of a joint delegation of the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish a field hospital and provide medical assistance in the areas impacted by the earthquake.

Dr. Sheleg, a major in the IDF reserves, previously served as the medical director of the IDF Field Hospital during which time he was deployed with Israel’s delegation to Haiti (2010) and Nepal (2015) following the earthquakes in both countries.

Having Dr. Sheleg as Galilee Medical Center’s “ambassador” in the relief efforts in Turkey is an extension of the hospital’s commitment to collaboration and humanity—in Israel and beyond.