Galilee Medical Center reopens its second Coronavirus ward

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Professor Assy Nimer and the staff of the 2nd COVID Ward at GMC

In line with instructions from the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, general director of the medical center, Prof. Masad Barhoum, ordered the reopening of the second #corona department. Headed by Prof. Assy Nimer, the department has 23 beds for patients in mild to serious condition as well as for respiratory patients. In addition to the inpatient rooms, there is a separate area for the healthcare team, and a state of the art telemedicine control room to oversee patient care.

Simultaneously, work has begun to establish additional corona wards, with the goal of reaching up to 300 beds for patients, including 50 for respiratory patients.
Prof. Barhoum: “We are preparing for the continuation of the treatment of #COVID19 patients, especially in regard to the winter months. All hospitalized patients undergo a coronavirus test in order to prevent infections within the departments, in accordance to Ministry of Health guidelines.”
Currently, there are 24 patients in the two corona departments, seven in serious condition, two in moderate condition, and the rest have mild cases.