Galilee Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of the new Women’s Health Wing

In another revolution in healthcare for the people of the North of Israel, the new, stunning, Women’s Health Wing of Galilee Medical Center opened during the week of Oct 25.


Stage 1 of construction was completed, to include 12 delivery rooms, Obstetric Ultrasound Clinic, monitoring through Non-Stress Testing of pregnant women, double and single post-delivery hospitalization rooms, two well-baby nurseries and extensive underground facilities. Stage II construction will include a High-Risk Pregnancy Unit, the Department of Obstetrics, four Surgical Theaters, In-Vitro Fertilization Unit (IVF) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Obstetrics and Gynecological services of the Galilee Medical Center already boast a reputation as a center of excellence in quality and advanced medical services throughout Israel. With approximately 5,000 births each year, the department is a leader in volume of activity as well as offering unique series such as the treatment of Invasive Placenta.

Offering a multidisciplinary approach to medical care for women, the department is headed by Prof. Jacob Bornstein who is also Deputy Dean of Bar Ilan University’s Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee.


The modern structure spans 10,000 square meters including an entire fortified underground and three above ground levels that will continue to provide the space for professional medical teams to advance the care provided to the women of the region.

Prof. Jacob Bornstein, Director of the Department states “The building is modern, progressive, and tailored to the needs of delivering mothers in ways never experienced in this region. The delivery rooms are spacious and equipped with new advanced monitoring, featuring delivery beds that are the first of their kind in the country. A natural birth center was established consisting of three spacious rooms suitable for a family stay with a separate entrance. Additionally, the new delivery rooms will are fully fortified. Post-delivery hospitalization will be more comfortable with rooms catering to 1 or 2 women while the Ultrasound Unit has been upgraded with the newest three-dimensional viewing techniques. The Department and its related services will continue to host a welcoming staff of high-quality professionals: midwives, doctors, nurses and secretaries”.

Construction of the new wing was facilitated by the State of Israel – Ministry of Health, Friends of the Galilee Medical Center, Galilee Medical Center’s Health Corporation, Jewish and Christian organizations from around the world and private donors. This effort was led by the Honorary President of the Friends organization Ms. Raya Strauss Ben-Dror. While the Labor and Delivery Unit was established through the generous support of the Gerber Golsmidt Group Trust of Switzerland and the United Kingdom, named after Paul and May Arieli – Goldschmidt.

Dr. Masad Barhoum, CEO of the Medical Center commented, “We work hard day and night to provide professional and humane care to the people of our community. That is why we strive to push forward in the opening of new departments and units, including securing the most advanced medical equipment, enabling our professional staff to better serve the people of the region. The State of Israel is doing much to promote medicine for the people of the periphery. The mayors and councils across the region are united in helping us in promoting the medical system. I have no doubt that this day of celebration, on the opening of the Delivery Rooms and Maternity Wards, signals a change in the conditions of healthcare for the mothers of the north and that the facilities themselves will now reflect the advanced care that accompanies our expectant mothers from the moment they arrive until their healthy release from the hospital”.