Hope for the Syrians

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Dr. Masad Barhoum, CEO of Galilee Medical Center

For the past 4 years, Galilee Medical Center has offered hope to victims of the Syrian Civil war.

Since the fighting began over 6 years ago, those living in Syria have lacked the stability of peace. Galilee Medical Center has been receiving recognition over the years for their People to People medicine philosophy that they have applied when treating wounded patients from Syria. This all began when Dr. Masad Barhoum, CEO of Galilee Medical Center, agreed to treat one victim in the middle of the night back in 2013. That day and every day since, more and more Syrian’s arrive in the ER on a nightly basis.


The impact of treating these victims is not only felt by the hospital and the medical staff, but by the patients, as well. It has broken down barriers of hate that have been learned over time, and developed an appreciation for Israel because of the quality of care they receive at GMC.

GMC serves a diverse community of over 600,000 in the northern region of Israel. Because this community is  made up of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Circassians, many of the medical staff  speak Arabic in addition to Hebrew. Eliminating the presumed language barrier instantly helps the Syrian patients feel comforted and safe in our care. When it comes to medical treatment, every patient at GMC is treated with equal care and attention.

Newsweek recently featured an article by Dr. Barhoum and GMC’s treatment of the wounded Syrians. The article, ‘A Human is a Human’: Isareli Doctors Continue to Give Syrian’s Hope after Six Years of War, can be found by clicking here.