IDF Drill for Mass Casualty

A major exercise at Galilee Medical Center brought together hospital staff, military experts, and community first responders in an attempt to prepare for a mass casualty event.

Participants in the IDF Drill at GMC

This regularly occurring collaboration is the training required for GMC to be primed for any occurrence that can be suddenly thrust upon the sole major hospital facility for the 600,000 residents of the region.

This particular drill focused on a scenario in which two close occurring explosions transform a busy shopping mall into a terrifying scene of violence and terror. The need to receive many severely to moderately injured men, women and children immediately to the Galilee Medical Center, some possibly affected by a dangerous chemical agent, would place dozens into the Hospital’s Emergency Department for urgent treatment.

This recent drill is part of the ongoing efforts of the hospital in collaboration with its IDF counterparts and local authorities to better ensure the safety and treatment of the residents of Israel’s far north.