“Love your enemies. Begin from here.”

As news continues of more and more Syrians brought across the border into Israel for treatment, a continuing theme of the stories is the fear that the wounded feel upon awakening and finding themselves in a country that they’ve been taught to hate. For the staff at Western Galilee Hospital, treating the wounds is only half the battle. The children who arrive are disoriented and afraid, for themselves and their family members at home. Staff treat everyone with the same kindness and the Arabic-speaking staff members take extra care with these patients and their family, who often arrive later to be with them.

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Another article on ynetnews.com brings up a different point, that some Syrian wounded who are in Israeli hospitals, or their family members, hope the U.S. will attack and save the country from Assad. It’s a complex situation, one that can’t be fully understood from their vantage point of pain, death and fear. All they want is an end to the violence that has destroyed their country and their families.