New Zero Separation Policy for Newborns

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Galilee Medical Center is constantly improving hospital surroundings and conditions for women in labor.  Along with new delivery rooms and a spacious department featuring private or double rooms, we emphasize and encourage the women to breastfeed and tend to their newborn, keeping them close by to them, in the same room.

Recently, as part of a zero-separation policy, a new-born suffering Hepatitis was allowed to be treated with phototherapy next to its mother’s bed, according to the family’s request. This particular treatment is taking place in the mother’s room only if the newborn is suffering a common case of jaundice. In case a risk of pathologic hepatitis is involved, the baby will be moved and treated in the nursery.

Mrs. Ronit Hematian-Cohen from Nahariya has recently gave birth to a baby boy. According to her request, the baby was kept next to her from day one till she was released home. Her baby, who was born with jaundice, was treated with phototherapy next to her bed and was not separated from her even during the treatment. “It was important for me and I was happy I could keep my baby close to me; it helped strengthening the connection between me and my son. Once the medical staff offered the option, I immediately decided that the phototherapy would be done in my room, next to me, and so, during the whole time my baby was with me,” said the mother.

Dr. Vered Fleisher, Director of the Neonatal and newborn department at GMC said: “My belief is that a newborn should always stay with the mother, so she can feed and take care of her baby. Still, we respect each mother and her choice to have the baby treated in the nursery if necessary, so she can rest. Every woman has the right to decide what is best for her and we will always be there to guide, encourage and support her, with warmth and love.”