Prof. Masad Barhoum, CEO of the Galilee Medical Center, receives two prestigious honors.

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Dr. Barhoum receives two prestigious and well-deserved awards

The American Friends of GMC is proud to share the news and offer congratulations to Prof. Masad Barhoum, CEO of the Galilee Medical Center, upon his recent receipt of two prestigious and well-deserved  honors.

Prof. Masad Barhoum Receives International Rotary Recognition

The Israeli Rotary Organization presented Prof. Masad Barhoum, Director General of the Galilee Medical Center (GMC), with a 2021 Paul Harris Fellow recognition certificate at a ceremony held at Rambam Healthcare Campus last week.

The prestigious award honors a Rotarian or a leading member of the community that has made an outstanding contribution to society, and who meets the high professional and personal standards exemplified by Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer, who founded Rotary International in 1905.

Hod Carmel Rotary Club organized the presentation ceremony in cooperation with Rotary Israel. The reasons noted for honoring Prof. Barhoum include his vision of transforming Galilee Medical Center into an academic and surgical medical center that provides services to all of Northern Israel while emphasizing the highest levels of professionalism, quality, availability and accessibility.

Moreover, Rotary noted Prof. Barhoum’s advocacy for innovation and expansion of the provision of medical services in the region while ensuring accessibility to people of all faiths and ethnicities. Further, Rotary honored Prof. Barhoum for leading the GMC in treating 1,600 patients with COVID-19 during the pandemic and for his public advocacy in favor of restrictions and measures to combat COVID-19, and his vocal urging of the Arab population to be vaccinated against the virus.

At the award ceremony, Prof. Barhoum thanked his parents and family, and said that the honor belongs mainly to Galilee Medical Center’s 3,000 employees who do sacred work every day.

Prof. Barhoum closed his remarks by reading the song “Sweat” by the writer and songwriter Noam Horev, which he dedicated to his staff, and said: “I thank the employees of my medical center for daring, for sweating and for breaking cracks of light in the great darkness.”


Prof. Masad Barhoum Receives the Israel Political Science Association (“ISPSA”) Award

Congratulations to Prof. Masad Barhoum, CEO of the Galilee Medical Center, on receiving the Israel Political Science Association (“ISPSA”) award for being a leading public servant. ISPSA deals with all areas of research related to the study of politics, including political science, government, public policy, public administration and international relations.

Adi Eldar, chair of the award committee, explained that the committee chose Prof. Barhoum, among other reasons, because he turned the medical center into a leading national-level hospital, providing services to 600,000 plus residents from diverse religions and ethnic groups, with an emphasis on providing the highest level of professional and compassionate medical care. He added that Prof. Barhoum’s sense of mission characterizes him as one of the leading directors of hospitals in the country.

Prof. Barhoum thanked the ISPSA for the honor and said that he dedicates the prize to the medical center’s 3,000 employees, who do sacred work every day and whose efforts during the past year have been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.