Stepping outside our doors: GMC’s commitment to local community

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While Galilee Medical Center provides world class medical services to those who step inside its doors, it is equally committed to steeping outside of those doors to support, educate and serve the diverse population of Northern Israel.  Two recent examples of this work included marking World Kidney Day and a charity bazaar to support people with special needs.

Galilee Medical Center marked World Kidney Day in cooperation with the Nahariya Municipality to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys, by setting up an information booth at Yad Labanim Square, manned by Nephrology Department and Dialysis Unit employees, under the leadership of Dr. Etty Kruzel-Davila.

As part of the activities, the medical and nursing staff checked passers-by for blood pressure, diabetes and weight, distributed information and explained both the importance of our kidneys and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Professor Masad Barhoum, MD, General-Director of the medical center, Dalya Tedgi, the Director of Nursing, and Mr. Ronen Marley, the Mayor of Nahariya, all visited the stand and praised the important community project.

Dr. Etty Kruzel-Davila, the Director of the Nephrology Department, noted “kidney diseases are considered the most common and are noted as the fifth highest cause of death in Israel. In its advanced state, the disease affects the quality of life and requires dialysis treatments and even a kidney transplant. Often, the disease is accompanied by other diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.”  She also emphasized that early diagnosis allows therapeutic intervention, with the aim of delaying the progression of the disease as much as possible. “Kidney diseases can be diagnosed through simple blood and urine tests, and it is also possible to slow down their progress through lifestyle changes, ensuring proper nutrition, physical activity and avoiding smoking.”

A second example of GMC’s support of the local community came in the form of a March 14th charity bazaar hosted in the surgical wing lobby, which featured crafts produced by people with special needs.  All proceeds went to support Galilee region schools and nonprofit organizations that work with and benefit people with special needs.

Staff members, patients and visitors were all encouraged to learn about the organizations and purchase items to support them. When we give, we are all enriched!