Wounded Syrians Continue to Come to WGH for Treatment

Victims from the devastating civil war in Syria continue to find their way into Israel for treatment at state-run hospitals, including the WGH in Nahariya. Current estimates are that more than 100,000 people have died in the struggle for power, and the stories of these fortunate few who have made their way to Israel for treatment has made an impact in the U.S. press. They arrive with nothing, brought to the hospitals by the IDF, and if any family members are able to accompany them, they also arrive with nothing. Not only does the hosptial care for the injured, they find themselves in the position of caring for family members, which is sometimes even more difficult, given that Syrians are taught to hate Israel and pray for its destruction.

There has been support expressed for the hospitals and their efforts by Muslims in the U.S., including donations being made to help offset toys and other items for young patients, clothes, food and necessary items for family members, and hopefully, eventually, financial support for the costs that the hospital is incurring on their behalf.

You can read more about these young victims on websites for The New York Times, globalpost.com, Jewish News Service, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirier, and in Canada, the Regina Leader Post and the Windsor Star.

If you’d like to make a donation to help the WGH treat these patients, you can do so on the About Us page.